GELoam® is the Best of Both Worlds

GELoam® – A combination of gel and foam technology that uses the latest innovation in polymer materials and processes developed solely at Pittsburgh Plastics Manufacturing by Ian Cummings, Chief Engineer. The GELoam® idea started with customer feedback and market research that indicated a need for a material that had the cool feeling and support of gel but the cushioning performance and light weight characteristics of foam. The difficult task of not only developing a material formulation but also a manufacturing process was no small feat. After a year of lab work, the material we call GELoam® finally found its way into our product catalog.  

GELoam® is the most exciting new material in the cushioning polymer world today. Feeling this material in your hands will open up a world of possibilities for finding your comfort solution. We invite you to contact us for a sensory tour experience of our polymer technology firsthand.