Plastics Manufacturing leads the industry in gel technology.

Polyurethanes - Pittsburgh Plastics Manufacturing has developed 8 polyurethane elastomer formulations, each with its own set of characteristics. For example, some elastomers are formulated to allow enhanced material flow during processing, while others are designed to optimize adhesive qualities. Medical elastomers are formulated to perform to a specific load deflection in order to protect tissue and provide a high level of comfort to the patient.



TPEs - Pittsburgh Plastics Manufacturing has developed 15 different TPE formulations, some of which are not readily available in the marketplace. Examples include ultra-soft TPEs, moldable electrostatic dissipating TPEs and TPEs that do not require injection molding processes.


Silicones - Pittsburgh Plastics Manufacturing has developed 10 different Silicone gel formulations, each designed for specific applications. Some gels are harder and can be an excellent material for gasketing, insulating or capping. Other softer gels can be used for cushioning or encapsulating.




Pittsburgh Plastics Manufacturing also has many other custom gel formulations, including glycerin gel, carbopol gel and acrylic salt gel formations that have characteristics that include cushioning and heat and cold retention.

Our engineering department can custom design Hydrogel, Silicone, TPE and PU gels with hardnesses ranging anywhere from the Shore "OOO" to Shore "A" scales.