Silicone IsoGel®

A range of silicone based materials that are used for various applications. The Silicone IsoGel® is completely inert and exhibit extremely high thermal stability. The Silicone IsoGel® allows for a variety of manufacturing methods to mold parts in simple or extremely complex shapes. Excellent water repelling characteristics are evident as well. Pittsburgh Plastics Manufacturing’s Silicone IsoGel® covers almost the entire Shore A, OO, and OOO scales. The Silicone IsoGel® shows excellent resistance to UV light and chemicals. These gels can be customized to stick to skin but not adhere to wounds, making them perfect for cushioning protection.



The Silicone IsoGel® can be formulated with additives to moisturize the skin and create a cooling sensation to the end user. Other additive packages can make the silicone product exhibit electrical conductance or insulative properties.  Better dampening performance, tear strength, and resiliency are available as well. Pittsburgh Plastics Manufacturing offers a selection of the Silicone IsoGel® that is FDA USP class VI approved and can satisfy ISO 10993 parts 5 & 10 and thus does not support microbiological growth.