TPE IsoGel®

A range of copolymer materials that are created with various combinations of thermoplastic and elastomeric compounds. The TPE IsoGel® exhibits excellent tear resistance and high resiliency compared to other materials. Additionally, the TPE IsoGel® is lighter in weight than other gels and can easily be cleaned by the user. The material properties of this range of IsoGel® allows for a variety of manufacturing methods to mold parts in simple or extremely complex shapes. Pittsburgh Plastics Manufacturing’s TPE IsoGel® covers almost the entire Shore A, OO, and OOO scales.


The TPE IsoGel® can be customized with additives to moisturize the skin and create a cooling sensation to the end user. Pittsburgh Plastics Manufacturing offers a selection of the TPE IsoGel® that is FDA, USP class VI approved, plasticizer free, and can satisfy ISO 10993 parts 5 & 10. Other additive packages can be offered for higher UV resistance, better dampening performance, and higher thermal resistance. Customized colors are available as well.