Experience the Extraordinary Performance of IsoFoam®

IsoFoam®– A unique flexible polymer foam that provides superior properties for cushioning and comfort products that has been around for over 15 years. Pittsburgh Plastics Manufacturing, the originator of liquid gel insoles and the current leader in liquid filled plastics, began development of its unique polymer foam system to produce the next generation in comfort products. The IsoFoam® idea started with investigating a way to bring the same IsoGel® comfort and cushioning performance to flexible polymer foam technology. The flexible polymer foam needed to be a perfect fit for use in cushioning pads and insoles to isolate the user from the everyday pressure and impact effects while running, walking, and sitting. After months of experimentation and testing, Pittsburgh Plastics Manufacturing’s Research and Development team found the perfect formulation.  


Today, IsoFoam® is the paramount name in foam for comfort, cushioning, and feel. Continued work by Pittsburgh Plastics Manufacturing’s Research and Development team allows for production of multiple variations to the original IsoFoam® system. Our research with different additives and formulations provides complete customization of the IsoFoam® polymer system to fit any application.

Some advantages to IsoFoam® include:

  • Excellent Heat Resistance
  • Wide Range of Softnesses
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Wide Range of Densities
  • High Elongation
  •  Fire Resistance
  • Excellent Compression Performance
  •  Excellent Pressure Point Management
  • Chemical Resistance
  •  Shock Absorbing
  • UV Resistance
  •  Excellent Durability